Omid (satellite)

A previous Iranian satellite, Sina-1, was built and launched for Iran by Russia in 2005. Speaking at the opening of a new space centre on February 4, 2008, President Ahmadinejad announced that Omid would be launched in the near future . According to an American official, The vehicle failed shortly after liftoff and in no way reached its intended position. The satellite was launched southeast over the Indian Ocean to avoid overflying neighboring countries and was placed into an orbit with an inclination of 55.5 degrees, Omid was reported to have successfully completed its mission without any problems. Omid (Persian: امید, meaning Hope ) Its Satellite Catalog Number or USSPACECOM object number is 33506. Ahmadinejad said the satellite was launched to spread monotheism, peace and justice in the world. Omid had the shape of a 40-centimeter (16 in) cube with mass of 27 kilograms (60 lb).

Sources in the Iranian Space Agency say the satellite s sole payload was a store and forward telecommunication capability. The launch of Omid makes Iran the ninth country to develop an indigenous satellite launch capability. Omid was the second Iranian satellite to be placed into orbit. It completed more than 700 orbits over seven weeks. Iran hopes to launch three more satellites by 2010.

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