NES Satellite

A small infrared receiver plugged into the two controller ports on the front of the NES. The unit had four controller ports which could accommodate any type of wired NES controllers.

The NES Satellite is a Nintendo Entertainment System accessory created by Nintendo, and was released in 1989. The Satellite allowed up to four players to play the NES anywhere in the room without the necessity of wires running from the NES all the way to the players. The main Satellite unit, powered by 6 C-cell batteries, must have a line of sight to the receiver.

The unit included Turbo selectors for both the A and B buttons. A similar product called the NES Four Score was released a year later, although it did not allow wireless play. There are not many four-player games for the NES that take full advantage of the Satellite s capabilities, so it is most useful for its wireless function. .